Orang Asli Students Brave 200km Journey To Celebrate Teacher's Wedding


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Orang Asli Students Brave 200km Journey To Celebrate Teacher's Wedding

The proud teacher.

A wedding is always a beautiful event and this teacher’s wedding was made even more beautiful with the presence of his beloved students.

Yes, English teacher Samuel Isaiah’s love for his Orang Asli students was so pure and unconditional that they became the most important guests on his big day.

In fact, the children travelled 200km just to attend the wedding.
The SK Runchang, Muadzam Shah, Pahang teacher shared his wedding experience and photos on Twitter, recalling how in the 2017 event, 100 of his indigenous students were transported to see him tie the knot.

“Even before getting married, my wife knew that my orang asli children were a big part of life.

“I thank God that she accepted me and my huge baggage of hundreds of children,” he wrote on Twitter, quoted by The Malay Mail Online.

Samuel said the transportation cost for the students to his wedding was RM1,000, but a discount made possible by a colleague ended up paving way for all the students to attend his wedding.
The students were overjoyed and even had a special performance for their teacher.

“Through the hustle and bustle, the blaring music, and the loud laughter, there was pin-drop silence when an unfamiliar tribal music started playing.

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“Everyone turned their heads towards a group of spirited and fierce looking Orang Asli children, hitting their bamboo sticks together as they marched rhythmically whilst making their entrance! It was so lit I tell you!,” he shared.
  Being a teacher is a very noble job, and if you're wondering why the children are willing to brave a 200km journey to celebrate their teacher's wedding, Samuel had, before this, touched everyone’s hearts with his noble cause of teaching English to the indigenous group by injecting fun into the subject.

He even received the Ministry of Education’s Superhero Teachers award in conjunction with Teachers’ Day this year.

Nothing warms our heart more than seeing the bond between a teacher and their students.

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