Man Bites Into Boba, Only To Realise Later That It Was A Cockroach

Eww, gross!

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Man Bites Into Boba, Only To Realise Later That It Was A Cockroach

Umm, that's not a boba.

Are you a fan of bubble tea that you don’t mind queuing up for hours daily just to buy the saccharine-laden drink?

Well, if you are, read on.

A man got the shock of his life when he found a cockroach in his bubble tea he bought from one of the famous bubble tea brands in town.

The man, who ranted out on Twitter, said he found the ‘surprise boba’ in his bubble tea when he almost finished his drink.

What’s even more gross was the fact that he bit into the cockroach thinking it was a boba.
“Even though the boba tea is viral now, I didn’t order the drink with boba. However, I found a ‘new boba’. May I know why there’s one in my drink? I have even bitten into it,” he tweeted with a photo of the cockroach.

The man using the @AlipXiaodidi handle on Twitter claimed that he bought the drink in a shopping mall in Shah Alam.

Govt To Start Monitoring Bubble Tea Phenomenon In Malaysia

Guys, if this incident doesn't scare you away from boba tea, you should still think twice as the Health Ministry has advised Malaysians to stop taking such sugary drinks to avoid the prevalence of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

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