Teen Steals RM200k Earthquake Detector, Sells It For RM140 On FB

Wait, what?

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Teen Steals RM200k Earthquake Detector, Sells It For RM140 On FB
When we were 14, we probably did a lot of things that got us into trouble, like skipping school to play 'Counterstrike' or pranking our teachers. 
This 14-year-old student in Indonesia, however, took it up a notch: he reportedly stole an earthquake detector owned by the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) and sold it online. 
What’s even more mind boggling was the fact that the teen, known just as AP, sold the machine worth over RM200,000 for a mere RM140 on Facebook.

Win liao lor this guy. 

Well done.
According to a report by The Jakarta Post, AP was arrested with a 43-year-old accomplice while two more suspects are still at large.
The police reportedly caught the duo after they saw the Facebook posting.

Here's the funny bit: when they were apprehended, the duo admitted that they do not know the use of the device.

Thank god nothing bad happened.
BMKG head Palu Cahyo Nugroho said the stolen device was one of four installed to give simultaneous information about earthquake activity on Koro Island and if one of the devices went missing, the information gained would not be accurate.

We're just glad that they've managed to recover the equipment before anything bad happened. 

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