The Second Giant Panda Cub Born In Malaysia Finally Has A Name

It's pretty symbolic.

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The Second Giant Panda Cub Born In Malaysia Finally Has A Name

Say my name.

Wondering what happened to the panda cub born to Xing Xing and Liang Liang early last year?

Well, wonder no more; because the healthy cub has finally got a name: 'Yi Yi'.

According to a report by The New Straits Times, Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Dr A. Xavier Jayakumar, who revealed the name, said it means ‘friendship’ in Chinese.

"(The name) Yi Yi was selected to recognise the friendship between the two nations (Malaysia and China), which has grown beyond four decades.

"The friendship between Malaysia and China will be further enhanced, not limited to giant panda conservation efforts but also diplomatically and economically," he reportedly said, adding that China's Wildlife Conservation Association was consulted regarding the name selection.

Aww, so cute!
Yi Yi was born on 14 January last year, and the cutie pie currently weighs almost 50 kilograms. 

Its parents, Xing Xing and Liang Liang, came to Malaysia in 2014 on a 10-year loan when Malaysia and China celebrated the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The pair has another female cub named ‘Nuan Nuan’, which was born in August 2016.

If the panda parents decide to have another baby, what do you think they should call it?

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