Dentists Remove A Record 526 Teeth From 7-Year-Old Boy’s Mouth

That sounds extremely painful.

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Dentists Remove A Record 526 Teeth From 7-Year-Old Boy’s Mouth

Boy, that's a lot of teeth you have there.

Unless you failed science in high school, you should know that the most number of teeth an adult can have is 32, and 20 for children.

Well, be prepared to get your mind blown by this piece of news.

A 7-year-old reportedly was found to have a record number of teeth - 526 in total!

According to a report by CNN, the boy from Chennai, India had a 200-gram sac removed from his mouth containing the teeth.

The boy was reportedly admitted into the hospital last month after complaining of jaw pain.

Dr. Prathiba Ramani, the head of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology at the Saveetha Dental College and Hospital, a dentist from Saveetha Dental College and Hospital where the operation was performed, told the news portal that a swelling in the boy’s jaw led to the discovery of the sac, which was embedded in the boy's lower jaw.

Ramani said a team of dentists took four to five hours to "empty the sac to confirm its contents".

"There were a total of 526 teeth ranging from 0.1 millimeters (.004 inches) to 15 millimeters (0.6 inches). Even the smallest piece had a crown, root and enamel coat indicating it was a tooth," she was quoted as saying.
Some of the teeth removed from the sac.
Indian dentists believed the number of teeth was a global medical record, adding that a tumour with unerupted teeth is typically a genetic defect, but sometimes could also be caused by external factors such as trauma to a tooth or radiation.

Well, we can safely report that the boy is now healthy, and he now has 21 teeth.

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