Enormous Cow Steals The Spotlight At Breeders Event In Kelantan

That thing is massive.

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Enormous Cow Steals The Spotlight At Breeders Event In Kelantan

It's bigger than your car.

Do you want to meet Mr Trump in Malaysia? If you think we are talking about US President Donald Trump, then you are wrong.

We are talking about a cow named “Mr Trump”.

In fact, Mr Trump the cow has been the getting a lot of attention at the Kelantan Farmers, Breeders and Fishermen's Day at Pantai Bisikan Bayu for his sheer size.

Meet Mr Trump.
According to a report by Bernama, the American Gray Brahman reportedly weighs over one tonne!

In fact, the cow was so big that a visitor at the event thought it was a baby elephant!

Cancun Park farm manager Nasrul Saat told the news portal that the cow, valued at RM20,000, was brought from the United States through Thailand.

"It is the one and only in the country," he told the news agency, adding that the cow was showcased to inform the public that they could breed it commercially at home.

Mr Trump wowing the crowd.
Nasrul also said when taken care of properly, the cow could easily could grow over one kilogramme a day after just 90 days of breeding.

Those who are interested to breed the cow can contact the Kelantan Veterinary Services Department, but we suggest you find out first if you have a place to keep the massive cow.

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