US Scientists Successfully Built Functional Heart Parts Out Of Collagen

What a time to be alive!

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US Scientists Successfully Built Functional Heart Parts Out Of Collagen

One tiny step for mankind...

Remember when we were kids, we always thought that we would be able to live forever (only to realise as an adult that we don't want to, because we hate humans)?

Well, this piece of news is the next step towards that dream.

According to a report by AFP, US scientists have successfully built functional heart parts out of collagen using a 3D bioprinter which could be used create organs in the future.

The artificial heart parts could reportedly replicate the body's biological scaffolds that provide the structure and biochemical signaling organs need to function, according to an article published in the ‘Science’ journal on 1 Aug.

Printing a heart.
"What we were able to show was you can actually 3D print a heart valve out of collagen, and they function," Adam Feinberg, one of the paper's co-authors, was quoted as saying.
The report further said that scientists at Carnegie Mellon University used rapid changes in pH to solidify collagen, which was an impossible task before this.
"That's the very first version of a valve, and so anything that we engineer as a product will actually get better and better.
"I think more near term is probably patching an existing organ such as a heart that has suffered a loss of function through a heart attack, or a degrading liver,” said Feinberg. 

What a time to be alive, right, guys?

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