Joggers Find Huge Amazonian Fish Floating In Lake...In Kota Kinbalu!

Where did it come from?

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Joggers Find Huge Amazonian Fish Floating In Lake...In Kota Kinbalu!
Facebook/Charles Tibok

That's a whopper of a fish.

Talk about a ‘huge’ find.

Joggers in a park in Kota Kinabalu got the shock of their lives when they found a huge fish floating in a lake in the area.

According to a report by The Star Online, the fish was floating in the Tun Fuad Stephens lake in Bukit Padang over the weekend.

The giant fish was later identified as an Arapaima, a native of the Amazon.

It's bigger than a human.
A photo of the fish, which reportedly weighs 108kg and measures 2.4m in length, uploaded by Facebook user Charles Tibok spread like wildfire on the social media website.

Kota Kinabalu Mayor Datuk Nordin Siman told the news portal that the fish has long been dead by the time the joggers found it.

So, how did an Amazonian fish got into a lake in Kota Kinabalu? 

The fish in its natural habitat.
Nordin speculated that a fish breeder might have put the fish there years ago as the person could no longer take care of it. That would most likely explain how the Amazon species ended up in the lake.

Although they believe the fish died of old age, Nordin said that officials from the Fisheries Department and a University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) research team will check on the cause of death.

Can you imagine playing in the lake with one of these giant fishes circling around you without you knowing? *shudders*

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