To Raise Awareness About Deforestation, Man Walks 30km Backwards Every Day

A noble cause.

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To Raise Awareness About Deforestation, Man Walks 30km Backwards Every Day

Backwards is the way forward

Guys, ask yourself this question: what have you done recently to protect the environment? Have you been using less water? Have you been switching off the electricity when you leave your home?

If you have done nothing, then, it’s probably time to be serious about it, just like this Indonesian man.

Medi Bastoni, 43, is doing his part to save the environment - by walking backwards from his home in eastern Java to Jakarta to raise awareness about deforestation.

If you think that's an easy task, he has to cover more than 700km. Wow!

Going backwards for a good cause.
According to a report by Reuters, Bastoni - armed with only snacks and water for sustenance - started walking on 18 July from his village, covering about 20 to 30km per day.

He is expected to arrive in Jakarta later this month, where he plans to meet Indonesian President Joko Widodo after completing his arduous task.

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“I hope the government will start to care about the environment.... so the young generation will care about our environment,” he was quoted as saying.

Indonesia reportedly has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world, with more than 74 million hectares of rainforest cleared just in the last half century itself.

So, well done, Bastoni, for doing your part. Captain Planet would be so proud.

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