Couple’s Toilet Explodes After Lightning Ignited Fart Gasses in Septic Tank


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Couple’s Toilet Explodes After Lightning Ignited Fart Gasses in Septic Tank
Hey guys, want to hear an extremely funny yet totally mindblowing story?

While a couple in Florida was lying in bed during a stormy day, something unexpected happened: their toilet exploded.

The cause of the explosion? Too much fart gasses.

According to this story by website UniLad, the entire plumbing system in the couple house was ruined due to the incident and they had no choice but to turn to a plumbing company for help.

The plumbing company, A-1 Affordable Plumbing Inc., then decided to share this couple's unfortunate incident with the world by posting images of the disaster online with the caption: ‘No more pooping while it’s storming outside.’

As quoted in the article, A-1 Affordable Plumbing Inc. owner Jordan Hagadorn told USA Today that the methane gas produced when pooping was the cause of the incident.

Apparently, the septic tank’s lid was only an inch underground, and when lightning struck the tank, it ignited the natural methane gas which travelled up the sewer pipes and the toilet exploded, leaving a big mess in the bathroom.

Be mindful of where and when you release gas.
Hagadorn said he or his father, who was a plumber for 40 years, have never encountered anything like that and he even advised people to not use the toilet during a thunderstorm.

Just a reminder, guys: monsoon season is coming soon, so don't simply poop during a thunderstorm, 'kay?

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