Bubble Tea By Datuk Seri Vida’s Daughter Receives Negative Reviews

Bad publicity is still publicity?

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Bubble Tea By Datuk Seri Vida’s Daughter Receives Negative Reviews
Love bubble tea? Then you must have heard of a brand new bubble tea joint set up by Datuk Seri Vida’s daughter.

Yes, in her entrepreneurial spirit, her 14-year-old daughter, Nur Edlynn Zamileen Muhammad Amin (or better known as Cik B), has ventured into selling bubble tea.

However, her brand of 'Cik B Hawt' bubble tea has been getting very bad reviews online.

According to a report by Malay Mail Online, a number of Instagram users have accused the cosmetics mogul and her daughter of exploiting their fame to sell the product.

People are especially furious with Cik B’s roasted creme brulee milk tea as the price is not worth the taste.

“When the product comes from someone famous, it’s sure to be sold at an expensive price, eh?” wrote Instagram user @muhdnuhilman_.

Another Instagram user, @peyra_pijan, felt cheated by the product.

“I tried it at Jelapang two days ago. I was given the milk tea boba WITHOUT the roasted creme brulee.

“I only got milk, boba, and ice at the same price of RM15. When I asked the staff, they said they couldn’t make it with creme brulee as they didn’t have a fire torch.

“They should have at least reduced the price so I could pay a fair sum for what I got,” wrote peyra_pijan .

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Saper nak Minum..? Orang Johor... Datang Jom Heboh.. Depan Angsana Mall ye. .

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Sadly, such reviews seem to have fallen on deaf ears as the negative comments have been deleted from Vida’s page.

But hey, it was good while it lasted, right?

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