Woman Vs Wild: Octopus Bites Woman On The Chin, Woman Ate Octopus For Dinner

What a wild story.

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Woman Vs Wild: Octopus Bites Woman On The Chin, Woman Ate Octopus For Dinner
Instagram/Jamie Bisceglia

Getting some face time.

When will people ever learn to stop messing with a wild animal?

This woman from Washington certainly did not get the memo as she learnt a very painful lesson.

According to a report by Huffpost, the woman, one Jamie Bisceglia, grabbed an octopus that one of her friends had caught and put it on her face after realising that she wasn’t going to win a fishing competition she was participating in.

Umm, there's something on your face.
“I grabbed it off the hook and said, ‘Take a picture for the photo contest,’” Bisceglia told HuffPost.

Unfortunately for her, the octopus had a different idea.

Not too pleased with the situation, the octopus bit Bisceglia’s chin. Because of that, she reportedly bled profusely for 30 minutes afterwards.

“There’s still a pus pocket and there’s a spot under my chin,” she added.

To make matters worse, Bisceglia didn’t immediately seek treatment for her injury, but instead waited two days to meet a medical practitioner.

By that time, the left side of her face was paralysed and there were lots of swelling.

“They took me in stat, but the IVs didn’t work and my arm swelled up like an elephant. I want people not to do what I did. My advice is, know what you’re touching beforehand.”

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Can't seem to get it off.
Well, she should have taken her own advice. 

However, Bisceglia had the last laugh: she told Huffpost that she took revenge on the octopus by boiling and grilling it before serving it on a salad.

Let this be a lesson, boys and girls: never pick a fight with an octopus. They have eight tentacles, you only have one face. That's always going to be a losing battle.

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