Survey: Malaysians Among Top Worriers In The World When It Comes To Ageing

We are all afraid of getting old.

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Survey: Malaysians Among Top Worriers In The World When It Comes To Ageing
What do Malaysians generally worry about?

While we all worry about our finances, marriage and yes, even careers, there is one more thing that we Malaysians generally worry about: ageing.

Yep, that's right; a lot of Malaysians are worried about getting old.

In fact, according to a survey by market research firm Ipsos Sdn Bhd (Ipsos), Malaysia is ranked fourth out of 29 countries when it comes to worrying about getting old.

Bernama reported that Ipsos' latest survey on “Ageing in Malaysia” revealed that Malaysia is preceded by China, Russia and Brazil.

In the survey, 62 per cent of Malaysians worry about ageing, compared to only 52 per cent worldwide.

The survey said that in comparison, citizens of Indian (45 per cent), the United States (48 per cent) and the United Kingdom (50 per cent) are less anxious about ageing.

The study further revealed that 49 per cent of Malaysian women are not optimistic about ageing and they actively worry about it.

"This finding is very different from some emerging markets, namely India with 73 per cent and Turkey with 67 per cent being very optimistic about ageing.”

However, the survey said 76 per cent of Malaysian women think they can prepare ahead to face the ageing period as 85 per cent of locals believe they will have good health when they're old.

Moreover, the study finds that for Malaysians, age 56 is the beginning of their old life - which is at least 10 years earlier than the global average.

The study was obtained from a Global Advisor survey conducted between 24 August to 7 September last year, through the Ipsos Online Panel system involving 20,788 individuals aged 16 to 64 in 29 countries, including Malaysia.

So, are you one of those people who are afraid of getting old? 

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