Hot Alert: Brace Yourselves As The Weather Is About To Get Even Hotter

Stock up on that sunscreen.

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Hot Alert: Brace Yourselves As The Weather Is About To Get Even Hotter
If you think our weather is so hot these days that you can barely step outside without slathering sunscreen all over, brace yourselves because it’s about to get even hotter.

Yeah, even hotter than it already is right now.

A live view of us now.
According to a report by The New Straits Times, the El Nino phenomenon will cause the weather for the next two months to be even hotter.

The good news is, however, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Centre for Earth Sciences and Environment chairman Professor Dr Fredolin Tangang told the daily that this El Nino phenomenon was much weaker compared to the one we experienced in 2015/2016.

“In Malaysia, this weak El Nino has no apparent effect, although warmer weather can be expected. However, we’re in the southwest monsoon period, where rainfall is minimal and temperature is the highest,” he said.

Meet our best friend, the haze.
However, he said although weak, this El Nino was blamed for the prolonged drought that hit Sumatra and Kalimantan recently, causing forest fires and haze. 

The bad news is, he said the hot weather would also occasionally have severe storms. It's like the weather can't make up its mind.

Whatever it is, make sure you are prepared, guys! Remember to stock up on sunscreens if you can.

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