PM Tun Dr Mahathir Is Not A Fan Of Public Toilets In Malaysia

We mean, who is?

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PM Tun Dr Mahathir Is Not A Fan Of Public Toilets In Malaysia
The New Straits Times

Clean up after yourself, Tun Dr M says.

Are you one of those Malaysians who would rather hold it in than visit a public toilet because you fear the ‘discovery’ that you’ll make?

Well, you are not alone.

Even our Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad thinks our public toilets stink (pun intended).

It. Blardy. Is!
He said during the launch of national-level civics education on Tuesday (13 August) that dirty and foul-smelling toilets, along with litter, reflect the country’s lack of civic mindedness.

“I am very embarrassed when I often inspect the public toilets in Malaysia to see whether it is clean or not, and most of them aren’t and (are) smelly.

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“Nowadays, we also see a lot of littering and trash around us. There is so much that civic awareness that can do to help create a better environment for us to live in,” Dr Mahathir was quoted by The Malay Mail Online as saying.

Dr Mahathir added that failing to be civic minded will lead to individuals behaving at their own whims and fancy, which will then lead to chaos when members of society stop caring for each other.

Malaysians' worse nightmare.
“For example if we take what is not ours and it is normal for it to be done and we do it because we think no one sees us doing it or action won’t be taken against us.

“If we have such an attitude where we can take what is not ours, then today we take what belongs to others, and the next time others will take what belongs to us,” he said.

So Malaysians, are we listening? Let’s try to clean up after ourselves from now on.

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