Wheelchair-Bound Man Rescues Kitten Stuck In Drain


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Wheelchair-Bound Man Rescues Kitten Stuck In Drain
Facebook/Abu Fathiyyaturahma

Not all heroes wear capes.

Unsung heroes are everywhere. We just have to look in the right direction.

One such hero, a man who relies on a wheelchair to move around, shared a story on his Facebook page regarding an encounter he had with a helpless kitten.

Man to the rescue.
According to the Facebook post, Abu Fathiyyaturahma and a friend saw a kitten which got itself stuck in a storm drain while they were on their way to a nearby sports complex.

Seeing the poor kitten, they couldn’t leave without helping it out.

"No idea how long it was stuck there, so I tried to help, and thankfully, we managed to get it out," he wrote.

A two-minute video showing the differently-abled man getting off his wheelchair and moving with his bare hands across a grassy area to reach out to the animal had since gone viral on the social media site.

Abu said his friend who recorded the video could not help much as he is also differently-abled.

The man's selfless act was widely praised by netizens:

Thank you, kind sir! You are truly a gem!

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