Caving Enthusiasts Accidentally Discover 10,000-Year-Old Fossils In Ipoh

What an adventure.

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Caving Enthusiasts Accidentally Discover 10,000-Year-Old Fossils In Ipoh
Malay Mail

What a grand discovery.

Imagine this: you're on one of your hikes and you accidentally stumbled upon fossils that date back to, like, the dinosaur times.

Wouldn't that be super amazing? 

While we could only imagine this scenario, a group of local caving enthusiasts actually bumped into some undiscovered fossils.

According to a report by the Malay Mail, a group of caving enthusiasts from the Kinta Valley Watch (KVW) discovered a total of 107 fossils dating back to ten thousand years in an unnamed limestone hill in Ipoh.

The caving enthusiasts reportedly made the discovery during a recent expedition near Gua Naga Mas in Gunung Pua at Simpang Pulai.

The fossils were then exhumed in two hours by palaeontologist and zooarcheologist Lim Tze Tshen, accompanied by other KVW members, the news portal reported.

A well-preserved rhino tooth.
The 30 mammalian fossils, including the molar tooth of wild cattle, have been handed over to the Perak Minerals and Geoscience Department for dating and valuation.

Preliminary evaluation found that the fossils belong to wild boar, porcupines, deer, rhinoceros, wild cattle and monkey.

This fossil is said to be from a wild boar.
According to the KVW, most caves in the Kinta Valley have yet to be explored or surveyed, so there are possibilities that more fossils like these will be discovered.

Who knows, maybe a Malaysian will discover some brand new dinosaur species in the near future.

If that happens, what do you think we should name the dinosaur? Let us hear your suggestions in the comment section below.

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