KL Monorail Adds Four-Car Trains To Its Services, Cuts Waiting Time

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KL Monorail Adds Four-Car Trains To Its Services, Cuts Waiting Time
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KL Monorail is revived.

Good news for all you regular monorail users out there: your hot, cramped rides in the KL Monorail trains will be coming to an end soon.

This is because the rail company has added four-car trains to its services, which can fit up to 500 people at one time. 

Malay Mail reported that after a two-year suspension, KL Monorail has finally been able to add three sets of refurbished four-car trains to its fleet.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke told the news portal that the decision to let KL Monorail re-introduce the four-car trains came after he received suggestions (and complaints) from regular public transport users.

“It was cramped, it was hot, it was really uncomfortable. Yes, we hear you. I have taken the monorail many times. I feel your pain and agony,” Loke was quoted as saying.

Travel comfortably.
Not only that, he added that the waiting time for the train has also been reduced to 6.5 minutes during peak hours.

According to Loke,monorail users can expect another two sets of four-car trains to be added by November.
“Once the additional trains come in November, we will have a six-month period to monitor the usage and the effectiveness of these trains.

“On the whole, we’re looking at 18 months to two years to get everything fully up and running,” he added.

This is certainly good news for those of you who are allergic to people. 

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