Rain Alone Not Enough To Put Out The Fires In Amazon, Experts Say

This is bad.

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Rain Alone Not Enough To Put Out The Fires In Amazon, Experts Say

Mother Nature needs our help.

By now, all of us should know that the Brazilian Amazon forest, dubbed the lungs of the earth, is burning and the country’s firemen are fighting tooth and nail to put it out.

Despite that, it was reported that their efforts will only put out smaller blazes while preventing new ones.

While a lot of people are hoping for the miracle of rain to literally save the situation, experts said rainfall is not enough to do so, especially if it’s a weak one.

The forest is still burning.
According to a report by Reuters, quoting a professor of atmospheric sciences at University of Sao Paulo Maria Silva Dias, the rain forecast for the next 15 days is concentrated in areas that need it least.

“In some points you could put out some fires, certainly, but these are isolated points, it’s not the whole area.

“The whole area needs it to rain more regularly, and this will only happen further down the line, around October,” he said.

She estimated it would take at least 20 millimeters of rain within one to two hours to put out a forest fire, with more required for more intense blazes.

The Amazon Forest Is On Fire And The Whole World Will Suffer The Consequences

The rain can't come soon enough.
Another expert, a meteorologist for Brazil weather information firm Climatempo Matias Sales, said in some areas, the rainfall could reduce the fires but not in general.

She said while the small fires will be extinguished, the big ones will go on for a while. She told the news agency that she hopes the military would help to prevent new fires, but putting out existing fires should be a higher priority as it is a tougher task.

It was also reported that the rainy season in Amazon begins in late September, and it will take weeks to build to extensive rains.

There's really nothing we could do now but to really pray for a miracle.

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