Limited Edition Uniqlo Tees Had Malaysians Forgetting Their Manners

Really no manners.

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Limited Edition Uniqlo Tees Had Malaysians Forgetting Their Manners

It's like a scene from 'The Amazing Race'.

Are you a fan of Japanese global apparel retailer Uniqlo’s limited edition UNIQLO x KAWS collection?

If you are, then we are sure that you were probably aware that they recently restocked the collection. If you're just a tak beli pun tak apa kind of shopper, you'll probably wait a week or so for the hype to die down before you casually walk into a Uniqlo outlet to see if they still have stock. 

But if you're an absolute hypebeast, you would do whatever it takes to get your hands on them - including causing a semi riot and climbing on shelves. 

That was exactly what happened last Friday (30 August) at the Uniqlo outlet at IOI Mall, Putrajaya.

Let the rush begin.
A 52-second video showing overly-eager Malaysians pushing and jostling to get hold of the T-shirts at the outlet has gone viral on Facebook.

According to a report by The New Straits Times, the video, which was uploaded by Youtuber Sammicci, showed shoppers rushing in as the doors of the outlet open and sounds of people screaming can be heard as they scrambled to get their hands on the T-shirts.

One man was even filmed climbing onto a rack to look for suitable designs and sizes, and his behaviour ‘inspired’ another man to follow suit.

You can check out the mayhem below:

Sammicci said the T-shirts were gone in just two minutes, and the video also showed what was left of the store after the chaos – a complete mess.

The shop was torn down.
The collection -- a collaboration between the Japanese fashion brand and US street artist KAWS -- was first launched in Malaysia in June and it proved to be a major hit.

Due to the overwhelming response, Uniqlo has decided to restock the collection on 30 August.

Judging by how some Malaysians behaved during the recent sale, we highly doubt that Uniqlo will be doing any restocks anytime soon.

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