Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Is Actually Part Malaysian

Like, a really, really small part.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Is Actually Part Malaysian
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Ever since he was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Canada in 2015, it's pretty safe to say that Justin Trudeau has had his fair share of admirers.

His charming demeanour has won himself some fans from all around the world.

Now, a recent revelation made by the 47-year-old would endear himself more to Malaysians.

Apparently, Trudeau has Malaysian roots!

According to a report by The Star Online, Trudeau made the revelation during an interview on the comedy show 'Patriot Act' recently.

“I’m like one-sixteenth Malaysian. Or one 32nd, ” he said when asked if he was the "White Panther of Wacanada", a play of words on the Black Panther of Wakanda.

How does he have Malaysian roots, you ask? Well, here's the story:

Hey there, fellow Malaysian.
A couple of years ago, a Canadian television series, 'Who Do You Think You Are', dedicated an entire episode to find out the family history of Trudeau's mother, Margaret.

Apparently, during that episode, it was revealed that the great-great-great grandmother of Margaret was born to William Farquhar, one of the early founders of Singapore.

Farquhar's wife was reportedly the daughter of a Malaysian woman and a French man.

So, it is pretty accurate to say that Trudeau is 1/16th (or 1/32nd) Malaysian.

From boy to man.
In fact, Trudeau was even was seen in a photo dated as far back as 1982 with our prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The photo was reportedly taken at a meeting that his father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who was Canada’s former premier, had with Dr Mahathir.

There you go, guys. You learn something new everyday, kan?

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