This Photo Of A Koala Hugging Its Baby After A Bushfire Will Break Your Heart

Thankfully the koala and joey survived.

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This Photo Of A Koala Hugging Its Baby After A Bushfire Will Break Your Heart
Darren Ward/Jimboomba Police

A mother's love has no end.

Forest and bushfires can be very scary and unforgiving, not only to humans and the environment but also to the wildlife.

Recently, a bushfire took place in Gold Coast, Australia and what authorities found in the aftermath will break your heart.

A picture released by the Jimboomba Police and Wildcare showing a koala hugging its joey while sitting on a branch of a tree that was burnt to the ground has gone viral online.

Jimboomba police officer Darren Ward discovered the duo in the scorched landscape and was immediately taken to a wildlife hospital for further treatment.

"There was singeing to the fur, and singeing to the ears, but the baby seemed quite well protected," Officer Ward told ABC.

Wildcare Australia Inc. uploaded the photo of the koala and its baby on its Facebook page with the caption: “They were taken to the RSPCA Queensland wildlife hospital for treatment and are being monitored closely. They are both in a stable condition at present.”

The organisation regularly provide updates about koalas and other wildlife that were found and are affected by the bushfires.

Another koala rescued during the Gold Coast Hinterland bushfire.
Many families have lost their homes and countless of wildlife were killed during the fire, which locals described as “like nothing we’ve ever seen before” and “the worst start to fire season on record”.

We hope more koalas and other wildlife will survive this tragedy, so let’s pray for the best.

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