Teen Breaks Into Random House, Cooks Meal, Tells Owner To Go Back To Sleep

Don't mind him.

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Teen Breaks Into Random House, Cooks Meal, Tells Owner To Go Back To Sleep
Here’s a tricky question: if you happen to break into a house but was caught red-handed, would you flee for your life or stay and give the owner of the house some advice?

Most people would choose the former, but a teenager from the United States strangely decided that giving the owner an advice was the best thing to do. 

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the 19-year-old reportedly broke into a Safety Harbor City house in Florida at around 4.00am last Wednesday (4 September). 

And here's the unbelievable part: the teenager, identified as one Gavin Crim, did not break into the house to steal stuff; he broke into the house to cook a meal and eat it.

When the house owner found the teen in his kitchen and confronted him, the teen adviced the man to "go back to sleep". 

The house owner, of course, politely declined the advice and threatened to call the police. 

Only then Crim, who was a former Marine, decided to flee the scene, probably without doing the dishes first. How rude!

Maybe he was just really, really hungry.
According to the news report, the police later found Crim hiding in some bushes at the back of the house.

The teen, who reportedly had been drinking, was then arrested and charged with felony burglary of an occupied dwelling. He was reportedly released after posting a bail of USD1,000 (RM4,172).

Let's hope Crim did not finish the home owner's food, because that would be so annoying.

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