This Malaysian Company Helps Its Staff Pay Off Their PTPTN Loans

Do you have vacancy, boss?

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This Malaysian Company Helps Its Staff Pay Off Their PTPTN Loans
When you're looking to join a company, you'll probably be able to judge how the company treats its staff based on the employee benefits they offer.

While things like free meals, medical insurance and parking are pretty much the norm these days, this local company provides one employee benefit that we feel everyone would kill for: helping them pay back their Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) loans.

The Malay Mail reported that Hii Ding Sin, the owner of industrial network company Vector Infotech Sdn Bhd, has been helping his employees pay back their PTPTN loans.

The reason he's doing that? He did not want to lose good interns to other employers.

“It is not easy to train employees. Even more so if you get good ones.

“After the completion of their internship, they will be offered employment at my company and judging from their immediate superior’s feedback, the company will help them to repay their PTPTN loans,” he was quoted as saying.

Hii told the news portal that to date, three employees have received help with their PTPTN payments, adding that the company can accommodate 12 more employees.

And here's the best part: the company does not tie the employees down with a contract despite the help, as it is considered a token from the company to its employees.

Can we give Hii the employer of the year award already?

If you are already thinking of joining this company, don’t do so first without convincing your current boss to do the same, OK?

This is because PTPTN is encouraging employers to pay back their employee’s student loans by offering tax relief for the former. Stipulated under Budget 2019, the offer is only valid until 31 December this year.

Go talk to your boss today, and who knows, maybe they are more than willing to help you settle your loan!

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