Study: Malaysians Need A Month's Salary To Buy The Latest iPhone 11

Are you willing to kiss goodbye to your salary?

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Study: Malaysians Need A Month's Salary To Buy The Latest iPhone 11

How many kidneys to sell?

Are you guys excited about the newly-launched iPhone 11 and contemplating getting one for yourself? 

Then, you must be willing to sacrifice at least a month’s salary to do so.

That’s the finding of a study conducted by e-commerce firm Picodi to gauge countries’ affordability to buy the new phone, which is priced at RM4,899 for a model with 64GB of storage.

According to a report by Malay Mail, as the average monthly salary of a Malaysian is around RM3,421 based on a recent study, it will take them at least a month's pay to be able to afford the new iPhone.

Wah, the Swiss get paid a lot right?
The study also revealed that Singaporeans are a lot luckier than us, because they can afford the phone with wages from only eight days.

At the top of the list are the Swiss, as they only need 4.8 days’ worth of salary to afford the phone. This is followed by the residents of United States (5.8 days), Luxembourg (6.7 days), and Australia (7.1 days).

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Dollar, dollar bills, y'all!
The countries that need to fork out the most pay cheques to purchase the new iPhone are Mexico (54.2 days), Montenegro (48.5 days) and Russia (47 days).

In the report, Picodi said it obtained the average salaries data the respective countries’ official ministry or statistical office pages and divided the monthly wages by 21, which is the average number of workdays in a month.

We don't know about you guys, but we couldn't even afford a new iPhone even if we work for a year (because we're always broke).

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