Video Of Man Bumping Into His Doppelgänger At A Wedding Is Pure Comedic Gold

This is just hilarious.

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Video Of Man Bumping Into His Doppelgänger At A Wedding Is Pure Comedic Gold
Facebook/Amir Zulfadhli Zulkifly

Same same, but different.

What would you do if you bump into someone who looks exactly like you and was even wearing the same outfit?

Would you freak out and run, or would you just stand there mesmerised? Or maybe, you'd think that you’re hallucinating?

Well, when such an scenario happened to one Malaysian, the result was just plain hilarious.

According to Malay Mail, 29-year-old Azly Yusof was at his childhood friend’s wedding in Selangor last Sunday (8 September) when he bumped into his doppelgänger.

The chanced meeting was so extraordinary, Azly had to do a double take when he noticed that his ‘twin’ was wearing the same red T-shirt and jeans that he was in.

In fact, they even look like they had the same glasses on. This can't be a coincidence, right?

Check out the video below:

The whole incident was recorded on video by Azly’s friend Amir Zulfadhli Zulkifly, and when the two men locked eyes, it sparked laughter from those in attendance, including Azly and his 'twin'.

The hilarious video went viral on social media pretty quickly, so much so that it was picked up by international sites such as the Daily Mail, the Sun, Mirror and even the hugely-popular website 9GAG.

Amir later told the Daily Mail in an interview that that the incident was really funny, and Azly is in no way related to his doppelgänger.

However, Amir revealed that plans are underway to formally introduce the both of them so that they could have the photo opportunity of a lifetime.

Please invite us, we would so love to see this with our very own eyes.

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