These Stories Made Our Malaysian Hearts Warm This Year

Remember the good things that makes Malaysia home

  • Sunday, 15 September 2019
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These Stories Made Our Malaysian Hearts Warm This Year

We don't know if it's just social media or it's the reality, but a lot of negative news seem to have put a damper on our semangat Malaysia. 

Politics, racism, economic struggles and more have taken center stage, leaving behind things like unity and humanity. 

Today, we'd like to take a look at some of the stories of ordinary Malaysians doing extrodinary things. 

This hero who risked himself to save a kitten

Real hero
Not all heros wear capes, some come on a wheelchair. No, we don't mean Professor X. 

Abu Fathiyyaturahma and his friend were heading to a sports complex near their home sometime in August when they saw a kitten stuck in a drain. 

Not knowing how long the kitten was stuck there, Abu decided to get off his wheelchair, crawl to the drain and save the animal. 

He shared his story on his Facebook and it went viral, with many applauding his action. 

This Chinese Uncle Who Adopted Four Malay Kids

Hari Raya, and other festivals, are times when many share heartwarming stories about family and unity. 

One such story that went viral this year was of  74-year-old Lim Peng Chik who adopted four Malay kids from imporvished families and provides for them. 

Not only does he take care of them, he also insists that they wake up for sahur each day and bring them to the mosque for prayers during the Ramadan month. 

Uncle Lim, we salute you for your openness and acceptance! 

This guy who started a movement to give out 'duit raya'

Another feel good Hari raya story: Twitter user Amin Jamaen's tweet became famous when he posted a video of him giving duit raya to a barista. 

Touched by the response he got for his post, he then started a #DuitRayaMovement, encouraging others to do their bit.

Many got on with his idea, and shared their own #DuitRayaMovement stories. 

What a kind soul who not only did good, but encouraged others to do so too! 

This mall that turned their space autism-friendly

Autism is a condition that many of us still don't entirely understand, but one mall does. 

Recently, Sunway Putra Mall started a new initiative called Autsome, dedicating Tuesdays as autism-friendly shopping day. 

The shopping mall doesn't play loud music, has the lights dimmed, has a dedicated 'calm room' and other facilities to make shopping easier for parents with autistic kids and the people with autism. 

Their initiative is supported by many, including organisations that work with autistic people, making it even more meaningful. 

A bunch of Malaysian who helped Utusan and Kosmo staff 

The New Straits Times
Just last month, we heard the news of the possible closure of Malay dailies Utusan and Kosmo, and that the staff haven't been paid in a few months. 

This news of the staff having to resort to borrowing money, having their cars repossed by banks and more, Malaysians - regardless of their political believes and personal views on the publications - came together to help those in need. 

It was reported that many came forward to give monetary aid as well as donated household needs such as rice, cooking oil and more. 

Times like this reminds us how generous Malaysians can be, if only we put our differences aside.

This man who reminded Malaysian what we could achive when we stand together

The Star
Three years ago, Fadhli Sahar's family were stuck in London with a hefty medical bill when his father suddenly suffered a stroke.

The medical bills came up to RM10,000 a day, with the hospital even suggesting for them to cut off life support so they won't be burdened with a hefty bill. 

Fadhli didn't want to sacrifice his father's life because of money but luckily for him, some Malaysians came forward to help. 

The Star reported that he shared the story of Malays, Chinese and Indians who came forward to help him in many ways - from giving money to volunteering to fly back with them as airlines require a medical doctor to be present during the transportation. 

He shared the story on his Facebook on 7 September to remind Malaysians of what truly makes us strong as a nation. 

We're in this together

These stories are only some that made it to the news. There are many instances of such compassion and kindness that we see in our daily lives from people from all sorts of background. 

This Hari Malaysia, let us remember that our diversity makes us stronger and learn to not tolerate, but accept each other's differences. 

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