KL City Hall To Adopt Three Tiger Cubs From Zoo Negara

They belong to the city now.

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KL City Hall To Adopt Three Tiger Cubs From Zoo Negara
Zoo Born

Check them cuties out!

The Kuala Lumpur City Hall is doing their part to ensure the survival of an endangered species.

You may have never see this coming, but they have just adopted three Malayan Tiger cubs from Zoo Negara.

Kuala Lumpur Mayor Datuk Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan told the New Straits Times that the decision was made following a recent report claiming that only 200 of the majestic animals are left in the wild.

Just look how adorable they are.
He also said that the council’s roles are not limited to keeping the city in order, but it also extends to caring for the environment and wildlife.

According to the news report, the council will cover the maintenance, healthcare, food, and basic care of Wira, Hebat and Melur via the adoption.

To make things official, Zoo Negara and the KL City Hall has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that ties both parties for three years.

Nor Hisham hopes that with the initiative, the species will thrive and that these cubs will grow up healthy and procreate.

Let's hope we'll have more harimau in the future.
“We hope to work with Zoo Negara in raising public awareness of tiger conservation. Everyone has a role to play and for City Hall, this is what we can do, not only in tiger conservation, but also wildlife and environment protection in general.

“Hopefully, others, including the private sector and the general public, will follow suit and contribute towards animal conservation. This includes rejecting wildlife trade by not buying or using the parts of protected species,” he was quoted as saying.

Not just that, the council will reportedly also donate RM40,365 to Zoo Negara.

Although we hate you sometimes for not fixing 'em potholes on the road, or for the lack of parking space in the city, you did a good job adopting the tiger cubs, City Hall.

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