The Animals Are Back: Panther Spotted Prowling Around In Terengganu

Panic ensues.

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The Animals Are Back: Panther Spotted Prowling Around In Terengganu

Staying long, panther?

Remember a couple of months ago when the sleepy town of Terengganu was rocked by a series of rare animal sightings?

First, killer whales made an appearance near the oil rigs off Terengganu’s coast. Then, tigers were spotted roaming freely in Kampung Besul, Terengganu.

The rare appearances were followed by the sightings of three sun bears, which was spotted hanging out at Felda Belara in the same state.

Well, it looks like the sun bears won’t be the last wild animal sightings in Terengganu because now, a panther has reportedly been spotted around Taman Harmoni near Al-Muktafi Billah Shah, about 15km from Kampung Besul.

No, not this panther.
Bernama reported that because of the sightings of the animal, residents in Taman Harmoni are now living in fear.

A resident told the news agency that she saw the feline around the housing area a total of three times in a span of two weeks.

According to the news report, the state's Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) has confirmed receiving reports about the sightings and they are now on the hunt for the animal.

Don't challenge it to a fight.
Its director, Abdul Malik Mohd Yusuf, told Bernama that  Perhilitan staff have set up traps in the area.

He also requested the public to report any sightings of the panther to Perhilitan immediately.

Let's just hope the authorities catch the panther soon, but in the meantime, one question lingers: what animal would appear in Terrenganu next?

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