A Lot Of Malaysians Are Getting Eye Infection Because Of The Haze

No eye see.

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A Lot Of Malaysians Are Getting Eye Infection Because Of The Haze
Hey guys, let's play a game: take a look around you and attempt to count how many people are falling or have fallen sick these past few weeks.

Don't worry; you or your colleagues or your friends are not the only one.

It looks like the annual haze season has brought sickness along with it, because a lot of people have been running to the clinic lately for treatment.

Sasuke gets it.
In fact, the Health Ministry told Bernama that the number of patients seeking treatment for eye infections nationwide have risen between 20 and 30 per cent in the past month alone.

Not only that, complaints on allergy and respiratory have also increased, the report stated.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dzulkefly Ahmad told the agency that doctors are now actively monitoring conjunctivitis, upper respiratory tract infection and asthmatic attacks because of the haze.

See until eyes bleed.
The news report, quoting the ministry’s national head of ophthalmology services Dr Nor Fariza Ngah, spelled out that there could be a link between the increase in eye infection cases and patients suffering from asthma and respiratory diseases.

The doctor, who is based in Hospital Shah Alam, told Bernama that on average, there would be 40 patients seeking treatment for eye infections daily.

She advised the public, especially those who know that they are asthmatic, to seek treatment at hospitals early when experiencing discomfort, instead of self-treating.

Stay safe and cover your eyes, everybody.

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