AirAsia To Stop Selling Cigarettes On Flights

Does this mean more seats and space for us?

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AirAsia To Stop Selling Cigarettes On Flights
Let's face it, smoking is a habit that is difficult to curb among people no matter how much those in authority try to enforce certain rules and regulations.

But we do applaud the efforts that are being taken, namely the smoking ban at all eateries that came into force on 1 January this year.

By 1 January 2020, smokers that are caught in any restaurant and food stall, whether open-air or enclosed, will face a maximum fine of RM10,000 or a jail term not exceeding two years.

Now, another big player has taken a major step in this issue.

AirAsia has joined other airlines to stop selling duty-free cigarettes onboard all flights.

This announcement was personally made by AirAsia chief executive officer (CEO) Tan Sri Tony Fernandes on his Twitter account earlier today.
He went on to urge all governments in the region to ban smoking in public places in another series of tweets.

While duty-free sales on flights is a good way to help airlines increase revenue and promote products, the additional weight on the plane is gradually becoming a roadblock that could be turned into extra seats instead.

Good on you, AirAsia.
So in 2015, American Airlines had stopped all inflight sales of duty-free items onboard its international flights.

And just last year, Dutch airline KLM also discontinued the selling of duty-free tobacco and cigarettes onboard its long-haul international flights.

Although AirAsia has yet to confirm when this will be officially executed, it is a good move that should be praised and emulated by the other players in the aviation industry.

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