You're So Hot: Years 2015 To 2019 Hottest Of Any Five-Year Period On Record

This is not good.

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You're So Hot: Years 2015 To 2019 Hottest Of Any Five-Year Period On Record
If you don't believe in global warming, maybe the latest study will change your mind for good.

The weather has been so hot these days, in fact, we've never seen or experienced anything like in history.

(OK, we can't confirm if the dinosaurs have it hotter because we weren't there)

Based on a report compiled by the World Meteorological Organisation, the weather for the past five years (2015 – 2019) were the hottest of any five-year period on record. 

News agency AFP, quoting the survey, reported that the period “is currently estimated to be 1.1 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial (1850-1900) times and 0.2 degrees Celsius warmer than 2011-2015.

The report, authoured by the Science Advisory Group, also said that the past four years were the hottest since record-keeping began in 1850.

Among the alarming things that the report highlighted include the fact that the levels of carbon dioxide grew two percent in 2018, reaching a record high of 37 billion tonnes and show no signs of reaching ‘peak emissions’, the point at which levels will start to fall.

It also highlighted the fact that the Arctic summer sea ice has declined at a rate of 12 per cent per decade over the past 40 years, with the four lowest values between 2015 and 2019, with increasing sea levels.

The report said that there is an urgent need for firm actions to be taken that can put a stop to global warming and the worst effects of climate change.

It's really time to take care of the planet, guys.

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