The Iconic EPF Building In Jalan Gasing Is Now Permanently Closed

No more money for you!

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The Iconic EPF Building In Jalan Gasing Is Now Permanently Closed

Sorry, we are closed.

Remember the iconic Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) located on Jalan Gasing that you will definitely not miss if you are travelling on the Federal Highway?

The building has stood for 59 years, and if you have any EPF transactions you need to do, that would probably be your go-to destination.

The sad news is, the landmark EPF building is now permanently closed.

The Malay Mail reported that a circular was released by EPF last weekend to remind its members about the closure and for them to look for an alternative if they have any transactions to do.

In fact, according to the circular, the building has been closed since last year, right after a fire broke out in February 2018.

"We issued the notice as a reminder that the building has been shut down because some people still go there.

"But it has not been in service since last year, and we are hoping to open a new office near Amcorp Mall by the end of the year, to continue facilitating those in the Petaling Jaya area," the spokesperson told the news portal.

The EPF building caught fire last year.
The spokesperson told the news portal that a new Petaling Jaya office would be opened by the end of the year.

So for now, EPF members are advised to visit their other branches to perform their transactions. Click here to find their branches near you.

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