Drug Addict Accidentally Falls Asleep In Victim’s Car After Breaking Into A House

He had 'high' ambitions to break into the house...

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Drug Addict Accidentally Falls Asleep In Victim’s Car After Breaking Into A House
@kayzkaela Twitter

Luckily the police arrived before he woke up.

Waking up to see your house turned upside down as a result of a burglary is every home owner’s nightmare.

For one victim, she had that nightmare plus something extra: she found the burglar napping cosily in one the cars belonging to her family member.

Twitter user, @kayzkaela, or Shafinaz, shared her bitter encounter on her social media account recently.

“A drug addict broke into our house this morning but fell asleep in the car! The car was a mess. Two cars were broken into,” she wrote.
The Klang resident also shared that it was her mother who found the burglar in the wee hours of the morning, and even called out to him after mistaking him for her husband or son. The car wasn’t locked prior to the burglary.

What’s even more amusing was the fact that even after Shafinaz’s dad screamed at the burglar to try to wake him up, he appears to be in deep slumber. Perhaps too deep.

Boy, he must be really tired.
It was not until the police came to wake him up personally did he awake from his sleep.

A lot of netizens found the encounter equally alarming and amusing.

Twitter user, @AssyarafiHamidi joked that the burglar was confused whether he wants to rob the house or sleep. He chose to sleep at the end.

Here's what other users had to say about the failed burglary:
Well, we’re glad to learn that no one was harmed during the incident and nothing was missing from Shafinaz’s home. Perhaps the whole family is just traumatised by it.

Be vigilant and always remember to lock your gate, house doors, and cars, guys!

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