The Skies In Indonesia Turned Blood Red Last Weekend And It Looks Like A Nightmare


Is it the apocalypse?

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The Skies In Indonesia Turned Blood Red Last Weekend And It Looks Like A Nightmare
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This is not Mars.

The air is finally clearing up here in Malaysia after weeks of torture, which gave us a small glimpse of what the apocalypse could look like.
But apocalypse is an understatement if you saw what happened in Indonesia last weekend.
Some parts of Sumatra were not only enveloped with thick smog, the skies were blood red!
Looking at the pictures and videos that had been circulating on social media alone sent chills down our spine because it literally looked like the end of the world.
How scary is this?
A local from the Mekar Sari village in Jambi province had captured sightings of the crimson skies. She mentioned how there were strong winds and the haze conditions were especially worse that day.
Another local also shared similar visuals on Twitter and the images were frightening.
“This is noon, not night. This is Earth, not Mars. This is Jambi, not outer space. We breathe with our lungs, not gills. We humans need clean air, not smoke,” she tweeted.
According to Associate Professor Koh Tieh Yong from the Singapore University of Social Sciences, this phenomenon is known as Rayleigh scattering, as reported by BBC.
This happens when sunlight interacts with certain particles from smoke in the air, especially during the haze period.
When there is smoke haze, most of the particles we see are 1 micrometre in size. There are also smaller particles that are approximately 0.05 micrometres or smaller, which tend to scatter red light more that blue light.
This is why we see the skies “turn” red, more than blue.
In case you were wondering, this is a real photo.
The phenomenon had last from noon until evening, which could have caused the sky to appear more red, Professor Koh said.
However, thankfully, this does not make the temperature higher. Can you imagine living in an atmosphere that is both red and hot?
Well, haze is something we have been forced to endure as a country for years now due to open burning in our neighbouring country.
Having said that, this year’s haze condition has been some of the worse cases we’ve seen in a long time. But we cannot keep living like this, can we?
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