T'ganu School Bully Victim Awarded Over RM600,000 After Winning Lawsuit Against Bullies

There’s a reason why people say, “you’ll pay for your crime”.

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T'ganu School Bully Victim Awarded Over RM600,000 After Winning Lawsuit Against Bullies

The plaintiff’s mother, Rusaila Abdullah, 43 (right), talking to their lawyer, Wan Azliana.

Bullying happens everywhere, even in our very own backyard, unfortunately.

A lot of bullying victims handle the painful ordeal in different ways, but for one former student from Terengganu, he’s had enough of it and decided to take the matter to court.

According to the New Straits Times, a former Sultan Mahmud Science Secondary School (SESMA) student was awarded RM616,634 after winning a lawsuit against nine defendants, including his former bullies who were also his schoolmates.

The harrowing incident took place four years ago when the victim was 14 years old. He reportedly filed the lawsuit via his father, Ahmad Fauzi Abdullah, on 2 April 2017.

We hope the victim is doing better now.
The nine defendants in this case were the five bullies who are now aged 21, the Senior Assistant Student Affairs, Sulaiman Ngarif, former Principal of SESMA, Meriam Jusoh, Director-General of the Ministry of Education Malaysia and the Malaysian government.

Judge Datuk Zainal Azman Ab Aziz in his judgement determined that the bullying, which took place on 26 April 2015, showed that the school was negligent, as the act in question was planned and took place in the Chief Prefect’s dormitory.

“The school was also seen as being negligent in the absence of control when the incident happened in the Chief Prefect’s dorm room. It (the act) did not take place on the side of a drain or a sidewalk,” Zainal said.

"The warden's duty roster schedule was also very well organised, but it is useless if the trust placed is not carried out. It is better to resign (as a warden) and become a regular teacher.”

Bullying is not worth your time and wallet. Think twice before committing such heinous act.
“For the sixth and seventh defendant, they were also seen as being negligent in carrying out their responsibilities in maintaining the welfare of school students, especially their safety.”

The victim reportedly endured being beaten, kicked, and slapped by a group of Form Five students. As a result, he lost his hearing in his right ear due to a damaged ear drum.

This prevented him from undertaking water-based activities for life, apart from sustaining several other injuries.

The plaintiff’s mother, Rusaila Abdullah, 43, who was present in court said she was satisfied with the judgment.

The plaintiff initially filed a claim for RM2 million in 2017.

We know no amount of money can give the victim a normal, trauma-free life back, but we’re happy to know that justice has been served.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of bullying, don’t be afraid of speaking up or confiding a trusted adult because you deserve justice.

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