Malaysian Teacher Builds Water Rocket, Wins World Robotics Championship

He's building Gundam, for sure.

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Malaysian Teacher Builds Water Rocket, Wins World Robotics Championship

Awesome dad, proud son.

Looks like we might have found our very own Tony Stark.

A Malaysian teacher built a water rocket and managed to impress the judges at the World Robotics Championship held recently.

In fact, he impressed the judges so much, Muslim Tamsir walked away as the winner of the Water Rocket Challenge at the Technoxian World Robotics Championship 2019 in New Delhi, India.

The teacher and his robot.
The Star Online reported that the 38-year-old teacher from SK Tun Hussein Onn in Kuala Lumpur joined the competition as a motivating factor to his son, Danish Irfan Muslim, 12.

Muslim has so far only won the national water rocket championship in Malaysia last year, so winning the World Robotics Championship is definitely a huge achievement.

"I joined because I wanted to boost my son's confidence so he can take part in international competitions as he won the national levels last year.

"I really wanted to expand my knowledge in other countries and I wanted my son to see how things are outside of Malaysia," Muslim was quoted by the news portal as saying.

His determination to motivate his son through the water rocket, which he reportedly built in just a couple of hours, is indeed implausible. 

Let’s hope that Danish will follow Muslim’s footsteps in entering international competitions to showcase his talents.

Congratulations, Muslim! You're an inspiration to all budding rocket scientists out there.

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