Israeli Archaeologists Discover 5,000-Year-Old City

A major discovery from the Bronze Age.

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Israeli Archaeologists Discover 5,000-Year-Old City
Israeli archaeologists have made a major discovery that is almost unbelievable.

They found the remains of a 5,000-year-old city!

Yitzhak Paz of the Israel Antiquities Authority told AFP that this was the biggest discovery in the region from the Bronze Age.

The city apparently had a ritual temple with rare figurines that came in human and animal faces, amongst other things.

This is ground-breaking, literally.
Not only that, the temple also had a stone basin filled with burnt animal bones, which suggested that there had been sacrificial offerings performed during this time period.

It also had fortifications that were some 20 metres long and two metres high, as well as a cemetery.

In terms of items from way back when, archaeologists found around four million fragments of pottery pieces, flint tools and vases of stone and basalt.

“Thousands of people lived here from agriculture and commerce,” said Paz adding that the city was abandoned in the third century BC.

Nobody knew why.

Do you wish you were a part of that?
The findings were the result of excavation work at the site conducted for over two and a half years with the hard work of 5,000 people, including teenagers.

The authorities are currently making plans to preserve the site.

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