Former Playboy Model Is Running For Crotia Presidency

What a drastic change in career.

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Former Playboy Model Is Running For Crotia Presidency

Do you think she will stand a chance?

If you are focused in working towards your dreams, you can achieve whatever you want, no matter what your past is.

This is proven in the case of former Playboy model who wants to become the president of Croatia.

According to LADBible, Ava Karabatić is running for the country’s upcoming election.

The 31-year-old shared the news on her social media alongside photos of her holidaying in an Italian beach.

She will have big shoes to fill.
"I have decided I will run for president. I have been given so many support messages on Instagram and I thank you for that.

"Politics is my second love. I can not longer watch bad things happen to my country. It is like everyone is blind with healthy eyes, our young people leave the country, birth rates fall.

"I know I am going to have a lot of comments from trolls because I am a starlet, but that ignores my intellectual side where I am professor of Italian language and Roman literature.

A turn of events.
"I wrote an autobiography, a novel, starred in a film that has been in the cinema for months, and in addition to acting, I became a painter too. Of course, my artistic abilities are not important, my new regime is, Ava's regime is important,” her caption read.

Among her manifesto points are legalising marijuana and prostitution, solving the problem of free movement of people and banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

Croatia is set to vote in its next president in January next year. Will Ava win?

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