Millions Of Girls Lose The Chance For A Better Future Each Year But You Can Help

Join World Vision in helping 1,000 girls have a better life.

  • Wednesday, 9 October 2019
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Millions Of Girls Lose The Chance For A Better Future Each Year But You Can Help

Every year, 12 million girls are married off before they reach adulthood, 64 million girls are forced into child labour which often includes abuse, slavery and trafficking, and 75 million girls remain illiterate.

In many societies, boys are still seen as superior to girls and the future provider of a family, depriving the girls of the chance to get education that can help change the lives of not only themselves, but also their families and communities. 

For years, World Vision has been connecting children to donors to help lift them out of poverty and rise above injustice. 

One of the many girls the humanitarian organisation has helped over the years is Nancy, who is now 34 years old and helping other like her to improve their lot in life. 

By the time Nancy was in the seventh grade, she was the only girl in her school as her peers were married off. 

When she started to exchange letters with her sponsor, Georgie, in which she was told that the latter kept her picture at home, Nancy said she felt like finally, there was nothing wrong with her. 

"That's how I felt. I felt like there's someone out there who cares, who is interested in me," she said in a video shared by World Vision on their website and social media. 

You can watch Nancy's story and Georgie's reactions to it here: 

Nancy's story is an example of how just a little bit of money each month and some letters exchanged with someone who cares could change the lives of children in vulnerable communities drastically. 

You too can be a part of this change. 

In conjunction with 'International Day Of The Girl' on October 11, World Vision is trying to get sponsors for 1,000 girls around the world. 

World Vision
It's Malaysian chapter chief executive officer Daniel Boey said every single day, millions of girls worldwide still face harsh realities such as exploitation, discrimination and lack of access to education.

"World Vision is taking a stand for vulnerable girls around the world," he said, urging the public to be a part of the movement to sponsor 1000 girls before Oct 11. 

By signing up as a sponsor, you will be helping educate girls, families and communities on girls' rights and save them from child marriages, child labour and sex trafficking; help girls stay in school which will enable them to seek better opportunities in future; as well as empower families with knowledge, tool and skills that will help them earn a living and provide for their children. 

All you need is RM65 a month to help a child in an Asian country or RM80 a month for a child in non-Asian countries

Help put a smile on a child's face
For some of us, that amount might mean giving up six to eight cups of expensive coffee, one or two dinner/drinking nights with friends, or cooking at home more often than we'd like. 

But for the child you sponsor, that amount could mean the difference between giving up on education and living in poverty, and having a better future. 

If you wish to learn more about the programme, World Vision or sponsor a child, visit this website.

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