Air Canada Flight Declares Emergency Over Foul Smell From Durians

At least it's not life-threatening.

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Air Canada Flight Declares Emergency Over Foul Smell From Durians
Global News

What an emergency.

Durian is one of those things in life that have gathered almost an equal number of fans and anti-fans. 

Despite originating from this part of the world, there are Asians who absolutely loathe the King of Fruits and Westerners who agree that it smells like hell but tastes like heaven.

So which camp are you on?

Apparently a Canadian flight saw durians on planes as an in-flight emergency.

The Sun reported that an Air Canada Rouge flight was forced to declare an in-flight emergency and make a u-turn after a foul smell filled the aircraft.

Durians don't kill.
The 'foul' smell had, in fact, come from a shipment of durians that was was scheduled to fly frmo Vancouver to Montreal on the Boeing 767.

The crew reportedly tried to clear the smell from the cabin but it persisted, forcing the pilot to declare ‘Pan Pan’, the second highest level of emergency used in situations that are serious but not life-threatening.

Not only were they forced to turn back after 37 minutes of departure, the pilots also had to wear oxygen masks.

We have mixed feelings about this.
The durians were offloaded after landing and the aircraft was in service again 20 hours later.

One thing's for sure, at least it is not a life-threatening emergency!

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