Man Got Paid For Four Years Even After Being Fired

We want his previous job.

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Man Got Paid For Four Years Even After Being Fired
Wall Street Journal

He ended up back on the payroll two years after being terminated.

The last thing that most of us would expect to get after being fired is a pay cheque.

And we're not just talking about an extra month or two of salary, we're talking years!

That was exactly what a subway maintenance man in New York received for four years, after being fired six years ago.

Ronald Berry who was reportedly unaware of his dismissal from the company had collected approximately USD250,000 (RM1,046,500) in wages without even being an employee.

How did nobody notice for four years?
Unilad reported that the 47-year-old had claimed he was on sick leave since 2015 for high blood pressure and asthma but had been travelling to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) every two weeks to collect his wages once he was well.

Only later did MTA suspected something amiss and notified the police, which resulted in Berry being arrested for trespassing.

“I never got a call that I was terminated. I’ve been collecting cheques for four f*cking years. How am I still collecting checks? It’s a fault on the MTA side,” he reportedly said.

Berry also said that when he asked MTA how he was still getting paid if he’d been terminated in 2013, they allegedly told him, "That’s not my problem, that’s payroll’s problem."

It’s not known how he ended up back on the payroll in 2015, two years after he was let go from the company.

The Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA).
Due to this confusing incident, MTA is now using biometric fingerprint technology for ‘clocking in and clocking out’.

So whose fault do you think it is?

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