Don’t Misuse The Emergency Intercom Inside Trains, Warns Rapid KL

They're not meant for fun and games.

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Don’t Misuse The Emergency Intercom Inside Trains, Warns Rapid KL

For example, don't order your usual fast food meal with it.

It can be frustrating to educate the public on social etiquette, especially if it fell on deaf ears.

We are all too familiar with the countless posters and banners that well-meaning organisations and the government put up to drive the message across, but half of the time, nobody listens.

I mean, how many ‘Don’t Litter’ and ‘Smoking Is Bad For Your Health’ posters have we seen and yet, people still do it?

Keeping all this in mind, Rapid KL has embarked on an ingenious way to get their message across to the public by utilising its social media platform to come up with catchy posts and witty comments.

Getting the message across

You should probably have seen Rapid KL's posts of people engaging in acts that are prohibited in public transport like the LRT and MRT. Some of them were hilarious and others, downright spooky.

Who can forget the time when they reminded people who stuffed leftover food on the seat spaces that their seats are "warriors" and do not need roti to survive.

Or the time when they posted a photo of Annabelle inside an LRT with a caption that said, “Dear valued customers, lately we've been receiving surprise visits from Annabelle. Mind your manners while you're on our trains or she will haunt you FOREVER.”

While such witty posts have been ongoing on their timeline, one recent video posted online by them caught a lot of attention.

Brazen Act

In the same style of jestingly reminding the public on social etiquette and the do's and don’ts when using the public transport, they posted a video with a caption that read, “Misusing the intercom in the train is a serious offence. You can be fined up to RM10,000. DO NOT MISUSE THIS EQUIPMENT.”

In the video posted on 10 October, a man was seen pressing the red emergency intercom button in the train.

When someone answers the intercom, which is only meant for audio communication with the control centre, he proceeds to order one McChicken set and a sundae ice cream cone.

The nerve!

The man’s brazen act was criticised by social media users.

Alan Chin Weng Lon said no matter what, the intercom is for emergency and one should not misuse it.

Shah Hakimi said the offenders know that what they are doing is wrong but they still did it and they will end up in prison.

However, some eagle-eyed social media users said the offenders did not press the button and the voice of the officer who answered the intercom was actually the voice of the offenders themselves as they were playing a prank.

Whatever it is, you still should remember to not misuse the facility!

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