Man Hires Hitman To Kill Competitor, Job Gets Outsourced Four Times, All Got Caught

Outsourcing at its finest.

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Man Hires Hitman To Kill Competitor, Job Gets Outsourced Four Times, All Got Caught
Here’s a story that carries an important lesson: never hire an untrustworthy middleman if you can do the job yourself.

One Chinese real estate company owner learnt that lesson a very, very hard way.

News site Shanghaiist reported that the man’s decision to ‘get rid’ of his competition went awry when he hired a middleman to do the job.
What the man should say.
The man, who goes by the name of Tan Youhui, reportedly hired Xi Guangan to kill a man named Wei. He paid RM1,179,042 to Xi and provided Wei’s identity card as well as his cell phone and license plate numbers for identification purposes.

Now, you have to pay attention to this story as the plot thickens from here.

Xi then hired Mo Tianxiang to kill Wei and reportedly paid him half the amount he received. Realising that he just paid Mo half his bounty, Xi then went back to Tan and reportedly asked for an additional RM500,000. 

Tan agreed, but said he would only give him the money after Wei was dead.

With Xi's payment in his bank account (or pocket, we don't know), Mo then hired Yang Kangsheng to kill Wei, and paid him over RM159,598 while promising to pay him more when the dirty deed is done.

We don't know what this means, but it should give you an idea.
Yang then reportedly passed the baton to Yang Guangsheng, promising to give him RM 118,220 to do the job.

That's not the end of the story, though: Yang then reportedly hired Ling Xiansi to kill Wei, and said he would be paid RM59,110 when the job is finished.

Suspecting something fishy as RM59,000 is too little of a sum to kill someone, Ling reportedly hatched his own plan.

He reportedly contacted Wei, the man he was supposed to assassinate, and asked him to fake his own death.

Not buying into all of this, Wei then reportedly contacted the police and all six who were involved in the the twisted assassination plot were arrested, putting an end to this rather bizarre story.

All six men appearing before the court.
The court case was wrapped up recently and the judge concluded that Tan should serve five years in prison, Xi three years, both Yangs three years and three months, Mo three years, and Ling two years and seven months.

Thank you for taking the time to read this incredibly long but totally entertaining article. If this article teaches you one thing, it's not to use a middleman if you can do certain tasks yourself.

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