The Internet Is Laughing At This Video Of US President Donald Trump

Umm, awkward.

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The Internet Is Laughing At This Video Of US President Donald Trump

'Hmm, where should I place this?'

To be honest, we feel a bit bad for US President Donald Trump.

Despite being the President of one of the world's most powerful countries, people don't seem to take him seriously.

But then again, if he continues doing silly stuff like this, it's a little bit hard for people to take him seriously.
A video of President Trump during a recent Halloween event has become an Internet laughing stock, with many social media users trolling the poor US President.

Trump and his wife Melania held a pre-Halloween event at the White House last Thursday (30 October), and many children, dressed in their Halloween best, turned up to receive candies.

However, things got a little akward when one of the children in the crowd, dressed in an inflatable 'Minion' costume, caught Trump off-guard.

This is awkward.
Perhaps a little bit surprised, Trump appeared to not know where to place the candy. So, he placed the candy on top of the Minion’s head...despite the fact that the child was holding an orange bag.

To make things even more awkward, Melania followed suit, but in the end, both candy bars fell to the ground to cap off the epic moment.

A woman eventually walked over and placed the candies in the child’s bag.

Here's a GIF of the incident; you can thank us later:

The video, which was uploaded by FOX News on Twitter, has been spreading like wildfire on the social media site.

While the incident was laughed off by both the President and First Lady, Netizens were quick to troll Trump online:
  But hey, at least we had a good laugh to kick start the week.

Thanks, President Trump.

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