YouTuber Sneaks Into IKEA, Records Video, Spends The Night, Gets Called Up By The Police


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YouTuber Sneaks Into IKEA, Records Video, Spends The Night, Gets Called Up By The Police

It was all fun and games...

We know you have that 'dream' too: every time you go to IKEA, you wish you could just spend the night there, just to see what it likes.

Well, someone actually did, but there's no happy ending to that story though!

Max Lee, 25, reportedly spent the night in the IKEA outlet in Taipei after it closed for the day. During that time, he explored the entire place and even recorded a video which he then uploaded onto his YouTube page.

The video went viral on social media, and that's how he got into trouble with the authorities.

Sneaking in

Please do not follow in his footsteps.
According to a report by The Straits Times, he first hid himself in a storeroom, waiting for it to close before sneaking out and exploring it after 3am.

The young lad, who is the son of Taiwan actor Lee Hsing-wen, recorded himself walking on display items such as the chairs and the tables, and sleeping on the beds, among other activities.

He also did things that we would've done if we were all alone at an IKEA: he took off his clothes and pretended to take a shower, he pretended to be a baby and slept in a cot, and he even performed an “indecent act” at a computer desk.

Boy, the shit sure has hit the fan now.
His movements triggered the alarm, but somehow, he managed to remain undetected when a guard did his rounds.

A relaxed Lee then uses a mock-up of an apartment in the store, saying that this is his house.

When the store opened the next morning, Lee left the store, telling an employee whom he bumps into that he is an early customer.

Outside the store, he said that he has "successfully completed" his mission.

He can't escape the law

Doing monkey stunts, head straight to jail.
His video, which went viral, enraged netizens, as they condemned him for not thinking about the consequences of his actions.

After IKEA caught wind of the incident, they promptly reported the matter to the police.

Lee was then reportedly called up by the police to give his statement over the incident, and they formally charged him with indecent conduct and unlawful entry. 

He apologised for the little stunt, and he removed the video from his YouTube account and social media pages.

So, boys and girls, let this be a lesson: if you ever wanted to spend a night in IKEA illegally, better don't. You might be spending a night in jail instead.

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