Parts Of Malaysia Will Be Underwater By 2050, Study Shows

Eek... climate change is no joke.

  • Wednesday, 6 November 2019
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Parts Of Malaysia Will Be Underwater By 2050, Study Shows

A big part of Malaysia may be underwater by 2050, displacing millions and wreaking havoc on our food supplies, a new study shows. 

The study, published by the Nature Communications, used the digital elevation model (DEM) to make the projection that shows the Asian countries being affected the most by the rising sea level. 

There's a lot of jargons and technicalities in the article, but some nice people at Centre for Governance and Political Studies (CentGPS) summarised it in a series of tweets for us laymen. 

So scary
What we can learn from the report (when it comes to Malaysia):

  • Perlis is going to be smaller than it already is. 

  • Alor Setar will be an island. 

  • There will be no more North-South Expressway, so you don't have to worry about having enough balance on your Touch N' Go card to use the highway.

  • The stretch from Parit Buntar to Taiping will likely disappear. 

  • Bagan Datoh, Kuala Selangor, Sekinchan and surrounding areas will be underwater. 

  • Port Klang and a large part of Klang will be gone (you'll have to find new gangster jokes to make)

  • KLIA will be by the beach so if you need a beach holiday, all you have to do is to go to the airport. You don't even have to fly! 

  • Pekan and Muar will be no more. 

  • There will be even more pretty beaches in Terengganu as Kuala Terengganu slowly begins to go underwater, as will Kuching. 

  • Melaka will also be mostly gone. 

Jokes aside, the situation is dire. A lot of the places affected boast some of our country's biggest agricultural areas, has an important port, popular tourism attractions and are home to millons of people. 

According to the report by Nature Communications, even if we manage to reduce carbon emisson drastically, some countries might still be hit hard by the rising sea level. 

Picture for illustration purposes only
That doesn't mean we should accept climate change as a given and not do anything about it. We have to be prepared to deal with the inevitable consequences of the changing world. 

Interestingly, the region most affected by the rising sea level is Asia. It is predicted that the southern part of Vietnam, up till Ho Chi Minh City will no longer exist, affecting about 26 million people.

Major cities such as Mumbai, Bangkok and Shanghai will also cease to exist. If you guys remember, Indonesia is also planning on moving its capital city from Jakarta to Kalimantan due to the rise in sea water level. 

The countries most affected by this phenomenon besides Vietnam are China, which will see 43 million people being affected, Bangladesh with 19 million people being affected and Thailand with 17 million people being displaced. 

You can check out the affected areas on a map here

Guess the 'experts' were on to something when they claimed that the next migrant crisis will be caused by climate change. 

We only have one planet
It may sound like 2050 is a long way away, but it's only 30 years from now. Most of you reading this article will likely still be alive, as will your children if you have any. 

So, what do we do now?

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