Man Tries To Kill Cockroach Using Lighter Flame, But Ends Up Burning Three Cars

Not so clever.

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Man Tries To Kill Cockroach Using Lighter Flame, But Ends Up Burning Three Cars

This man learnt an expensive lesson.

You know how we always say, "kill it with fire", if we see something gross/creepy?

One man's hate for cockroaches prompted him to do just that, but unfortunately, this story has no happy ending (for that man, anyway).

Chinese website The Beijing News reported that a man from Quanzhou, China, spotted a cockroach by his kitchen door one night.

Instead of the usual rolled-up newspaper and smack technique, he's decided to try something new: burn the darn cockroach to death.

Fire, fire everywhere

Thinking he could create some sort of a flamethrower, the man lit up a can of insecticide using flames from a lighter.

As insecticides are highly flammable and extremely dangerous (like, duh!), the combination reportedly caused a fire to break out. The flames instantly rose up quickly to where a metal pail containing alcohol-based fuel was located.

The pail then exploded and its contents spilled out to the roadside, setting three cars parked outside on fire.

In the end, the three cars were completely destroyed by the fire, and the losses amounted up to RMB311,400 (RM184,357).

The owner of the car must be mad!
This hurts to watch.
Thankfully, nobody was injured in the incident, including the man who thought it was a good idea to burn a cockroach to death.

There was no mention if the cockroach was killed in the fire, but imagine how pissed the man would be if the little roach survived.

Here's a video, in case you guys want to check out how the fire actually started:

Remember guys, don't try this at home, because it's dangerous AF.

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