Beach In Finland Mysteriously Covered In Thousands Of Ice Eggs

Where did it come from?

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Beach In Finland Mysteriously Covered In Thousands Of Ice Eggs
BBC News

Snowball fight, anyone?

Something weird is happening in a beach in Finland, you guys.
A really rare natural phenomenon has taken the little country by storm, and looking at the pictures, it is easy to see why.

Check it out yourself: 

It's like eggs, but ice eggs.
Yep, your eyes aren't deceiving you: those are thousands of egg-shaped balls of ice covering a beach in the country.

Never seen anything like it 

BBC News reported that amateur photographer Risto Mattila came across the ice eggs and he told the news portal that he had never seen anything like it before.

"I was with my wife at Marjaniemi beach. The weather was sunny, about -1C (30F) and it was quite a windy day.

"There we found this amazing phenomenon. There was snow and ice eggs along the beach near the water line,” he was quoted as saying.

They vary in sizes.
Mattila said the smallest ice eggs were the size of eggs and the biggest were the size of footballs.

"That was an amazing view. I have never seen anything like this during 25 years living in the vicinity. Since I had a camera with me I decided to preserve this unusual sight for posterity,” he added.

Ice and wind combined

So, what are these ice balls and did the aliens dumped them on the beach or something?

It turns out that the ice balls are the result of a rare but totally legit phenomenon.

BBC Weather expert George Goodfellow told the news portal that the balls are formed when small pieces of ice are rolled over by wind and water.

Football, anyone? 
In order to get 'em balls, conditions needed to be cold and a bit windy, Goodfellow explained.

"The general picture is that they form from pieces of larger ice sheet which then get jostled around by waves, making them rounder," he was quoted as saying.

We would so love to see these ice balls in person, but unfortunately, we don't think we can since, you know, Malaysia doesn't snow. We are officially jealous.

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