Local MMA Student To Take On His Master In A MMA Fight For A Good Cause

Student vs Master.

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Local MMA Student To Take On His Master In A MMA Fight For A Good Cause

Not many people know about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and those who do know about it may have paradox ideas about it.

In a bid to change people’s perception about MMA, especially the youths, an ordinary person like you and us is stepping into the fighting ring to create awareness through his combat moves.

Despite being a novice fighter, co-founder and editor of news website Twentytwo13, Haresh Deol, is determination to literally fight for the cause.

Taking on his master

Haresh is set to take on a professional fighter in the 'Fight For Change 2019' match, which also aims to help protect the welfare of journalists, as many of them have been forced out of jobs recently.

His competitor for the fight is none other than Shareh Nasrullah of Lekir Fitness and MMA Academy, who has a 3-3-1 Muay Thai record and a 1-2 MMA record.

Not only that, Shareh is nine years younger than Haresh!

Haresh will be going against Shareh Nasrullah (left)
You’d bet that the fact is enough to make Haresh nervous, but there’s more.

Shareh has been training Haresh for the past year, so he’s practically Haresh’s fighting master.

However, that does not stop Haresh from facing Shareh in the ring head on.

“If we are going to always be scared, we won't be able to get anything done. Just got to fight whatever jittery feelings I have and get the job done,” he told Rojak Daily.

Haresh said he first started training in martial arts in late 2017 as a means of working out.

However, he has been seriously training when the notion for this fight came up in March this year.

Haresh said that his training schedule has been really hectic and almost like a professional athlete's routine.

“I train almost daily, for technic and to build up stamina. I'm also on a strict diet, no artificial sugar, more proteins (eggs, chicken, fish) and greens.

“I have to maintain my weight. I have to work hard as age is not on my side - I'm 37 while my opponent is nine years younger,” he shared.

Meanwhile, in a report in Twentytwo13, Shareh explained that while many see MMA as a brutal, bloody sport, it is quite safe for school children as there is no striking involved.

“Of course, like any contact sports, there are some risks involved.

“I agreed to this fight because we want to educate the masses about MMA and to help promote it to schools,” he had said.

Want to catch both of them in action?

Tickets for 'Fight For Change 2019', which will take place on 23 November 2019 at the Cobra Rugby Club, Petaling Jaya from 5pm to 8.30pm, are being sold at RM50 each.

There will be also other fights to entertain you before the main fight between Haresh and Shareh.

To purchase the tickets, sponsor the event or find out more about Fight For Change 2019, do drop them an email at

Hey, may the best fighter wins.

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